Our Ministries

Caba Kids

The goal of our children’s ministry is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where children can learn about God, grow spiritually and develop a strong moral and ethical foundation.  It also aims to foster a sense of belonging within our church community.

Creche: 0 – 5 years old
Junior Primary: K – 4
Senior Primary: 5 – 6

Caba Youth

Our youth group meets on Friday evenings during school term at various locations. Caba Youth is designed to help high school students grow in their faith and to navigate the challenges and questions that often arise during this phase of life.  It’s a space for high school students to find community, to be empowered, to know their value and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Small Groups

Our Small Groups are the heartbeat of our church. These small groups meet in various people’s homes, or here at church to delve into God’s Word together. As we read the Bible together, we discuss what it means, what God is saying to us and how it shapes our daily Christian life. Our small groups are also our main way of building a sense of belonging and community.

Ministries for Men & Women

Our Women’s Ministry allows our women to cultivate deeper bonds within the faith community. Faith is not a solitary journey, but a collective journey enriched by shared moments, heartfelt conversations, understanding the power of a listening ear, a comforting presence and a helping hand.  Currently, we have monthly morning tea at a local cafe where we can support one another’s walk with Christ. We have other events held throughout the year which enable the women of our church to grow, learn from and encourage one another.

Our Men’s Ministry provides fellowship, and discipleship opportunities with the purpose of encouraging a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.  Currently, we have a monthly breakfast where a guest speaker shares their testimony.  This time together develops authentic friendships, mentorship and accountability. 

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